Board Meeting Notes – 2/17/16



ATTENDANCE: Rick, Rene’, Amy, Sue S. Andy, Saleem, Sue M. Brad

MINUTES: January minutes approved

TREASUARY: We still have some outstanding checks from the Swap. Treasurer report approved.

Membership: We have 114 members. Online membership has been working out nicely.  We have more online than snail mail.  We need to check into a spreadsheet mail merger.

TRIPS: Powderhorn is all set. Calls have been made to the bus company and Mcdonald’s. Rick called the bus company to change drivers (some concern about unsafe situations).  Rick reminded that board members get a free trip that was approved at the September meeting.

WEB/ECOMMERCE: Cathy and Dan Bowen are working together to make website improvements.


NEW BUSINESS: Final event is planned. All were in agreement to have no deadline for trips.  Katie Mathey has mentioned that she would possible be a Trip Coordinator. Andy told us a story of a client of his telling a story of his time in WWII, very touching.

NEXT MEETING: March 6th @ State Patrol 6:00pm