Board Meeting Notes – March 16, 2016

STATE Patrol Office

March 16, 2016

ATTENDANCE: Dan Bowen, Amy, Andy, Sue S, Cathy, Sue M, Brad, Rick and Rene’

MINUTES: February minutes were approved

FINANCE: Saleem sent a report to Rick. Report will be open until Saleem can finalize it.

Membership: No new members

TRIPS: Dennis was not in attendance so final report will remain open. The club subsidizes 70% /person…~$45.  This report thanks to Dennis will help us budget for next year.

E-COMMERCE: nothing new

GUEST MEMBER: Dan Bowen put together a program that will help us in the future with registration and “bookkeeping”.  He demo’d the program.  It will work well with what Cathy has put together.  Dan is not charging us for the program. It is a program that he has used for 2 other clubs, that is working well. Thanks Dan!

SITZ: Recently sent out

SWAP: Brad will assist Loyetta as Swap chairs.

END OF THE YEAR EVENT: Date and venue are set. Amy will help Rene’(maybe Katie will help too if I ask?)

SCHOLARSHIP: with MUCH discussion, a motion was passed that we will offer a scholarship to graduating seniors and college students who apply and meet the criteria.

ELECTIONS: Amy posted the voting process in the Sitz.  All board officers need to be filled.  Voting will take place at the Final Event in April 10.

We will have a summer meeting in July


BOARD MEMBERS DINNER APRIL 20TH …location will be announced later.