Final Event Meeting Notes – 4/10/16

Held at Mt. Olive Church; this was a social gathering as well as a meeting of the entire membership to elect officers.

  • 24 in attendance
  • Rick gave recap of the year
  • Introduction of board members
  • 115 total members
  • 57 new members this year alone
  • 3 trips, the last one was canceled
  • Amy conducted elections for 2016-2017
  • Amy asked for a motion to accept ballot as printed, second and passed.
  • Macia motioned Rene’ for secretary,  Rene’ accepted
  • Door prizes were drawn

Here are the results of the election.

  • Rick Munz, President
  • Amy Christophersen, Vice President
  • Rene’ Munz, Secretary
  • Saleem Surti, Treasurer
  • Sue Mortensen, Board member
  • Brad Mathey, Board member
  • Katie Mathey*, Board member
  • Loyetta Dennis*, Board member
  • Phil Berg*, Board member
  • Ben Zoromski*, Board member
  • Terry Hanson*, Board member

The new board will be meeting some time in May.


RMSC Board Meeting – January 20, 2016

This meeting was held at sconni’s

ATTENDANCE: Saleem, Cathy, Sue M, Dennis, Rick, Rene’, Sue, Andy

MINUTES:  December minutes approved

TREASURE: Saleem received the final numbers for the swap. A family bought a pair of boots that was two different sizes.  Saleem wrote out a check and gave them back the $30. Sue M. handed Saleem 3 checks to be deposited.

MEMBERSHIP: 107 persons, 26 families, 19 singles. Sue M. requested that all members who have emails to provide them.

WEB/E-COMMERCE: Cathy is working on a photo gallery on the website. Rick had found a broken link in registration and it was repaired.

SITZMARKER: With Sue M. doing the newsletter, she would like articles to be sent to her by the 15th. Dennis will also be sending out reminders for trips and events.  The Sitzmarker is posted on the web and Facebook.  Sue would like a volunteer to take over the newsletter.

OLD BUSINESS: Dennis made a suggestion for the swap to have boots and skis at a  minimum price.  This could be done while the consigners in line.  This could make the process faster. Also, we decided to keep lines separate; Alpine and Nordic.

NEW BUSINESS: Starting to think about the year-end party.  Hoping to get a volunteer for the event.  Date is tentative for April 10th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Next meeting at State Patrol February 17th, 6:00pm


RMSC Board Meeting – 12/15/15

RMSC Meeting 12/15/15

ATTENDANCE: Brad, Amy, Saleem, Sue S, Sue M, Andy, Rick, Rene’

MINUTES: November minutes were approved

FINANCE: Saleem has not gotten final  numbers yet for the ski swap.  Working with Steve Heller the totals were about $240 off.

Total sales of swap were down from last year.


Finance report approved.

SWAP:  Andy had some ideas that Rick suggested we table the discussion for a later date. (sharing charge card fees, upping vendor %. )

MEMBERSHIP: 108 indiv.

43 fam.

49 individual….43 new, 6 renew

E-WEB: Cathy received a letter back from Paypal about lowering the percentage.  We can but we would have to fill out a 20 page application with the IRS.  Percentage will stay the same.

OLD BUSINESS: Transferring of our storage unit went well.

Next meeting will be at Sconni’s on January 20, 2016.

Submitted: Rene’ Munz





RMSC Board Minutes 10/21/15

ATTENDANCE: Rick and Rene Munz, Andy Schmidt, Saleem Surti, Cathy Matel, Sue Mortensen, Dennis

Holzem, Amy Christophersen, Brad Mathey

MINUTES: Read and approved

FINANCE: checks written to City Pages for ads, Kick Off Dinner, and PayPal. Need

to contact PayPal to change 3.9% to 2.2% for nonprofit club; Cathy agreed to handle.

Membership: 13 families signed up online. After Kick-off dinner we have 23 families. Suggestion for an

e-mail blast and posting on Facebook to sign up to renew membership.

PR: Ads have been in the last few weeks in the city Pages. Check ad in Biz board. Saturday 11/21 the

Grand Theater will be showing a Warren Miller film about skiing. We have permission to have a table.

Workers are needed. We’ll have flyers and membership forms. We also will have a raffle prize (free

trip?); Andy to contact Grand Theater personnel to arrange.

SWAP: Sue S. needs e-mail listings to solicit workers. Andy sent a poster pdf to members to print/post.

DISCUSSION: Membership sign-up after the swap to earn “active” status. To not complicate the

situation Cathy motioned that the new members get a “bye” for the first year. Passed by a simple

majority. Regarding the question of one-time skiers (guest); would be subject to membership fee ($15)

+ (active) member cost ($25) = $40.

WEBSITE/ E-COMMERCE: Cathy M. will be working on a photo album and Facebook integration. All are

welcome to add content; Cathy will provide training if needed.

SWAP: Perry Dau (Nordic club) created a Facebook acct. for “Wausau Ski Swap”. Help is needed at the

swap…..setup/clean-up Fri. night, tear down, prep and security. Peak time is 11:30-1:30. Need

membership table set up.

SKI TRIP COORDINATOR: Dennis will contact the trip “Hosts” as to the procedure they can follow.

Dennis requested…1. Cancel trip if we don’t meet minimums for bus and/or hill. 2. Need to confirm with

Badger Bus one week in advance. Dennis will contact the hosts for a committee meeting to work out

the details. Dennis will sign and submit Badger Bus contract. Dennis was voted in unanimously to fulfill

Trip Coordinator position…he prefers as a non-voting board member.

Next meeting is Nov.16 @State Patrol office at 6:00 pm

Submitted by: Rene’ Munz


Board Member Job Discriptions


Board members are voted onto the board of directors by the general membership. At the board’s first meeting following the election the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer are voted into their offices while all other board chair positions are appointed or volunteered for by the rest of the elected board.



Vice President



Membership Chair

Ski Swap Coordinator

Technology Chair

Trip Coordinator

Advertising and Club Promotion Chair


President                   (Mandatory)

Presides at all meetings of the club and of the board of directors.  Appoints all committees not otherwise provided for and is an ex-officio member of all committees.  Provides email updates to the club during the season.

Vice President           (Mandatory)

Assumes all duties of the president in the event of the President’s absence.

Secretary                   (Mandatory)

Keeps and preserves the records of all meetings of the club and of the board of directors, and prepares and keeps on file a correct list of the names and address of the members of the board of directors, voting members, and committees.

Treasurer                   (Mandatory)

Keeps the record of all the club’s funds and shall keep an accurate account of receipts, disbursements, and properties; submits a report for each regular meeting of the board of directors, such report in writing; keeps all receipted bills and invoices in an orderly manner on file.  Uses a bookkeeping system as approved by the board of directors.  Submits an annual report at the annual April meeting of the club.

Membership Chair    (Mandatory)

Maintains records of all new and renewed members; collects membership fees to be given to the treasurer; logs and reports additional interests of club members as shown on their membership form; reports current membership at least monthly to the board and to the appropriate chairperson prior to a club event; provides an update for each published Sitzmarker during the season.

Ski Swap Chair or Committee of 2-3          (Mandatory)

Position is busy for about 36 hours, spread out over a three month period.  Coordinates the event but has many assistants.  Responsible for arranging venue, contracts with vendors and scheduling workers for the event.   Works with advertising chair to arrange media coverage. Main contact if event is combined with another club.  Provides information and updates for emails and Website.

Trip Coordinator (Mandatory)

Proposes bus trip schedule of dates and cost estimates to board for approval. Coordinates arrangements with the bus company, ski hill and members for each trip. Keeps informed of membership’s preferences of destinations. Provides information and updates for Sitzmarker and Website.

Technology Chair            (Optional)

Maintains web licensing and updates club website. Works with all officers and chairs to maintain current information published on the website:  www.ribmountainskiclub.org, and Facebook page.


Advertising and Club Promotion Chair     (Optional)

Seeks ways to advertise our club membership and events across a broad spectrum of free resources. Presents fee advertising proposals to board for approval.





Ski Trip Rewards Program

In the fall of 2015 the Board of the RMSC unanimously approved the following to reward RMSC members who give their time to the Board of Directors or other RMSC committees, or approved projects. These “Active Members” get the following HUGE benefits:

  1. Ski Trips / Bus Trips at $25.00 per person.
  2. Ski Trip Reward Coupons for use by the entire family.


The Active Member pays for their membership by 12/31/15.


  1. The Active Member must also give / volunteer 5 hours assisting RMSC at the Wausau Ski Swap, contribute to the Board of Directors, actively serve as a committee member or other contribution as soon as possible.  That’s right!  You give 5 hours to get this lower price.  No contribution and no low cost Ski Trip.  Ski trip prices for a standard member is $50.00 per person per ski trip.
  2. Suggestions include service as members of committees such as Ski Swap Joint Committee, Ski Swap Planning, Sitzmacher / Newsletter Committee, Ski Trip / Bus Trip Planning Committee, Membership Growth and Promotions Committee.


Once you have worked your initial five hours, you then are eligible for HUGE additional savings for

Ski Trip Rewards. The details and conditions are below the table.
HOURS # Coupons Total Coupon Value
5 2 Coupons $10
10 4 Coupons $20
15 6 Coupons $30
20 8 Coupons $40

DETAILS and CONDITIONS in use of these coupons:

  1. When you register for a ski trip you MUST: (a) be an Active Member of RMSC, (b) register for the ski trip and (c) pay for the trip before the trip.
  2. The coupons have no cash value and are not redeemable for anything other than RMSC Bus Trips or as allowed.
  3. You can only use this year’s coupons by the end of the Club’s current ski year.  PERIOD!
  4. You can use more than one coupon, but there are no refunds of the value if the coupons submitted exceeds the registration cost of the Bus Trip.
  5. Coupons are non-transferable to anyone other than an immediate family member who is already a club member.
  6. Photocopies of these coupons is prohibited and just outright wrong.
  7. If you fail to renew by December you will NOT be awarded any coupons.
  8. There is no blending of hours to make up a full coupon.  Each person must give 5 hours.
  9. Reward coupons for Ski Swap are only issued by the Ski Swap Coordinator.

RMSC Board meeting notes – 8/6/2015

Present:   Rick Munz, Sue Mortensen, Sue Schmidt, Cathy Matel, Saleem Surti, Rene’ Munz, Andy Schmidt


Motion passed to appoint members present as board of director members for RMSC.

Wausau Ski Swap (RMSC + Nordic Club) held first meeting on Sunday, August 2.  Andy & Sue, as swap coordinators, are free to make all necessary arrangement details, excluding expenditures from club’s treasury.  Swap will be held Friday & Saturday, November 6-7 at the Youth Building at Marathon Park, as in the past.  Wausau Ski Swap has a Facebook page.

Ski trip dates:  January 9, January 30, February 20 and March 12, 2016.

Snow Shoe event at Tic Acres is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 6, 2016.

Badger State (Alpine) event is January 23, 2016.

Ski for Youth:  Sundays in December, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20.

Kick off dinner:  Sunday, October 4 (need chairperson for event).  Formal officer elections to be conducted.  Will solicit member opinion during kick-off dinner which ski hills to go to this season.

Sue Mortensen or Cathy Matel to update web site with “save the dates” for above.

Motion passed to reduce member bus trip cost to $25, which includes transportation, lift ticket and snack on the way home.  Members are on their own for lunch.

Discussion regarding service to club, specifically board members and chairpersons, and compensation in the form of free trips.  Issue will be discussed at further length during upcoming board meeting.  Generally, it is in the best interests of the club and individuals to discourage any form of compensation or discounts beyond that approved for members’ assistance during the swap event.

Cathy has web site up and running, and encouraging all board members to “play with it” as well as getting trained to become administrators with access to edit content.  Site will coordinate with Paypal for members wishing to register and pay on line.  Dennis Holzem is planning to add content on the history of the club.

Encouraging mailing Sitzmarker and post cards to remind members of upcoming events.  Continue to promote RMSC via City Pages (free) ads.

Treasurer’s report:  No significant transactional activity.

Board meetings to be held on the 3rd Wednesdays of each month, at 6:00, at the State Patrol Office.  Rene’ to contact them to reserve a room.  Next meeting September 16.