About the Rib Mountain Ski Club

The Rib Mountain Ski Club is the original historic ski club in the Wausau, WI area.  The club was founded in 1927.  Our club is made up of singles and families from several communities that have come together as a club to promote skiing and snow boarding for families and people of all ages.  We are funded by membership fees and our annual Swap Shop sale of new and used ski and snow boarding equipment and clothing.  Our club subsidizes ski bus trips for members that have been a fantastic deal.  We also have a number of social events.  They differ from year to year and current events are listed on the calendar and the event info page.  We hold an annual season kick off; the Spaghetti dinner and a season wrap up.  This year we tried a new event for the season wrap up; Build a Burger!  Everyone is kept informed by our website and by the Sitzmarker, our newsletter.  The Rib Mountain Ski Club also supports ski related community events like the Badger State Games and Ski for Youth which has a rich history  in the development of skiing in the Wausau area.  There are also members of our club who are willing to help interested adults learn to ski.  Please see the events page for more info.