Board Meeting Notes – March 16, 2016

STATE Patrol Office

March 16, 2016

ATTENDANCE: Dan Bowen, Amy, Andy, Sue S, Cathy, Sue M, Brad, Rick and Rene’

MINUTES: February minutes were approved

FINANCE: Saleem sent a report to Rick. Report will be open until Saleem can finalize it.

Membership: No new members

TRIPS: Dennis was not in attendance so final report will remain open. The club subsidizes 70% /person…~$45.  This report thanks to Dennis will help us budget for next year.

E-COMMERCE: nothing new

GUEST MEMBER: Dan Bowen put together a program that will help us in the future with registration and “bookkeeping”.  He demo’d the program.  It will work well with what Cathy has put together.  Dan is not charging us for the program. It is a program that he has used for 2 other clubs, that is working well. Thanks Dan!

SITZ: Recently sent out

SWAP: Brad will assist Loyetta as Swap chairs.

END OF THE YEAR EVENT: Date and venue are set. Amy will help Rene’(maybe Katie will help too if I ask?)

SCHOLARSHIP: with MUCH discussion, a motion was passed that we will offer a scholarship to graduating seniors and college students who apply and meet the criteria.

ELECTIONS: Amy posted the voting process in the Sitz.  All board officers need to be filled.  Voting will take place at the Final Event in April 10.

We will have a summer meeting in July


BOARD MEMBERS DINNER APRIL 20TH …location will be announced later.

Board Meeting Notes – 2/17/16



ATTENDANCE: Rick, Rene’, Amy, Sue S. Andy, Saleem, Sue M. Brad

MINUTES: January minutes approved

TREASUARY: We still have some outstanding checks from the Swap. Treasurer report approved.

Membership: We have 114 members. Online membership has been working out nicely.  We have more online than snail mail.  We need to check into a spreadsheet mail merger.

TRIPS: Powderhorn is all set. Calls have been made to the bus company and Mcdonald’s. Rick called the bus company to change drivers (some concern about unsafe situations).  Rick reminded that board members get a free trip that was approved at the September meeting.

WEB/ECOMMERCE: Cathy and Dan Bowen are working together to make website improvements.


NEW BUSINESS: Final event is planned. All were in agreement to have no deadline for trips.  Katie Mathey has mentioned that she would possible be a Trip Coordinator. Andy told us a story of a client of his telling a story of his time in WWII, very touching.

NEXT MEETING: March 6th @ State Patrol 6:00pm

Ski For Youth 2015 Wrap Up

Despite a rain dampened event this year there was plenty of success thanks to those who helped. Paul and I realize not everyone can make it every time or every year. Having a large group of volunteers to call upon is what makes it possible to carry SFY forward. Spike would be so pleased.

This year we restricted youth from participation if they attended in previous years. We wanted our focus to return to introducing skiing to true beginners as was the original intent. The decision could not have been more timely given the lack of snow/terrain.

There were 90 youth registered by the deadline. 86 were signed up for the first Sunday. But when it became evident to us terrain was limited we decided those registrations coming in the last two days before the deadline would be restricted to attending only on the second and third Sundays. This affected 10 youth. We hoped the weather would change and more snow could be made. In stead it rained. Of the 76 who could have come, 66 showed up. 84 were signed up for the second Sunday. About five came but since we decided to not have lessons I did not keep track. GPSA was gracious in that the youth were offered SFY discounted lift tickets if they wanted to stay and ski. 83 were signed up for the third Sunday, 49 showed up.

As much as I find it rewarding to introduce skiing to the youth I also take great gratification in all of you who make it possible.

Ski for Youth is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in participating next year please contact us at  You do not have to be an expert skier or a trained ski instructor. Ski for Youth offers a clinic for their volunteers each year that will give you the knowledge that you need to teach a young beginner to ski.



Ski For Youth

I look forward to this time of year just as soon as the ski season ends. It has been that way ever since I learned to ski at Sylvan Hill under the tutelage of Spike Berg. An adult at the time I was just as excited as my son and the rest of the youth present. Spike’s kindness for letting me participate along with my love for the sport has led me to carry this program forward along withski for youth logo Ski For Youth Logosm my friend Paul Gerhke. Each year since 2007 he and I have taught beginner skiers from 2nd grade through age 17 to ski. It is a very rewarding ex-perience which I invite you to share by becoming a ‘Friends of Spike Berg’. You do not need to be a Professional Ski In-structor or an expert skier. Each first Saturday and Sunday in December we provide an instructors clinic to acquaint you with our method of teaching. I can say that my participation in just the clinic has led to improvement in my ski technique. Just another of the benefits of becoming a member of this group. Want another reason. If you do not have a season pass we can arrange for a lift ticket when you help. The clinic is one hour long. The youth ski lesson is one hour long. For more information go to: And then click on the link for Become a Volunteer Ski Instructor.

RMSC Board Meeting Notes – 9/16/15


Attending:        Cathy Matel, Susan Schmidt, Andrew Schmidt, Sue Mortensen, Rene Munz,  Rick Munz,  Saleem Surti


  • Saleem covered the report.


  • Has a tutorial site called “sidekick”. Facebook will be linked with our website.  It is a work in progress. Cathy is working out the bugs.


  • Discussion about incentives was tabled for a future meeting. Waiting for Kickoff dinner to give more information to the members.***
  • A motion was passed to advertise in the City Pages. Advertisement will be colored, 1/3 page for 4 weeks.  Will try to have two weeks in the paper for “save the date”.
  • Members will be given a digital copy of flyers for the swap.
  • Suggestion was for members to take a picture of the flyer and post it on their Facebook.  Members can also print the flyer and hang them on bulletin ​boards

Ski trips:       

Will be set up by Dennis H.  He will be calling the bus companies and the hills.  We are going to:

  • Brule
  • Black Jack/ Indianhead
  • Powderhorn
  • Afton Alps

The Grand Theater is showing a Warren Miller movie.  Andy will check to see if we can set up a an info table about the club.

Kickoff Dinner:

  • Post cards were sent out and everything is ready.   We will have elections.
  • Rick asked Dennis to write up the responsibilities of board members, members at large, and committees too.

Motion was passed to offer “one” free ski trip to officers and board members.

Sue Mortensen will have the Sitz sent out this weekend.

Next meeting Oct.21, 2015 (Wed.) at the State Patrol.

***Correction to the Swap, concerning incentives:

Rick asked Susan to create a formula of a certain number of hours worked to equal a certain dollar amount off a trip.   Basing 2015’s formula on that from 2014, the incentive plan works this way:

  • For every five hours worked, you will earn two $5.00 certificates to offset ski trip costs
  • Earn up to eight $5.00 certificates
  • Certificates can be used by anyone in the immediate family
  • Clean Up on Saturday — Double certificates: earn an additional two $5.00 certificates if you help with clean up on Saturday, between 2:00 – 7:00pm.   This is on top of the hours you are already working.  You must work from 2:00 – 7:00pm to earn this incentive.

Prez message – 2015 pre-season

Dear fellow Rib Mountain Ski Club members,
The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, reminding us once again why we live in Wisconsin:  SNOW and its related fun activities such as alpine skiing and snowboarding.  It seems every year the summers go by faster.  Thank goodness we have our winter activities to keep us fit and busy!

Your ski club is eager to commence another season but is in need of leadership.  During this past spring election we failed to elect a new president, vice president and secretary.  We are very fortunate that Saleem Surti has agreed to continue as our Treasurer this season.  In the interim, I have agreed to be our club’s president and Rene’ has graciously agreed to serve as secretary.  While this still leaves the vice president’s office vacant, in the interim the board has agreed to continue to operate without.  Sue Mortensen, Cathy Matel and the Schmidts (Andrew & Sue) have stepped up to lead our membership, web site/ecommerce and swap coordinator activities, respectively.  Dennis Holzem is our club historian.  We have no trip coordinator at this time.  All of those mentioned have served in some official capacity over the years, most for many years in a row.  This should not be.  Rib Mountain Ski Club desperately needs your engagement and support in a variety of ways…not limited only to accompanying us on the bus trips.

We will hold formal elections for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer during our annual kick-off meeting/dinner on Sunday, October 4, 5:00 at Sconni’s in Schofield.  Cost will be $8.00/person (6 years and older); children 5 and under free.    Nominations will be accepted prior to, and during the meeting.  Please mark your calendars and plan to renew your membership.  For the 2015-2016 season, membership dues will remain the same as last year:  $15 single, $30 family.

Ski trip dates and costs have been finalized for the season.  We have not determined which hills we plan to visit yet.  Save the following dates (all Saturdays):
January 9
January 30
February 20
March 12
Trip cost for active RMSC members will be $25/person for the 2015-2016 season, which includes bus trip, lift ticket and snack.  Please note that lunch will not be provided by the club this year, as this adds a lot of cost and compounds the trip coordinator’s responsibility.  Please plan to attend the kick-off meeting on October 4 to find out what “active member” means.

Cathy Matel has worked tirelessly to improve our web presence, including development of a more user-friendly ecommerce portal as we have now cancelled our subscription with Sport NGIN.  Please visit and give us your feedback.  We still have a lot of content to load, and plan to have even more capability soon.  As members, you’ll have the choice of registering and paying for membership and trips via “snail mail” or “email”.

Finally, helpers will be required to support the annual ski swap to be held on Friday evening and Saturday, November 6-7.  Mark your calendars now.  Andrew and Sue Schmidt have already begun planning this critical event…our only fund raiser which allows us to offer our members the best value in downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Rick Munz, Interim President
Rib Mountain Ski Club

About the Rib Mountain Ski Club

The Rib Mountain Ski Club is the original historic ski club in the Wausau, WI area.  The club was founded in 1927.  Our club is made up of singles and families from several communities that have come together as a club to promote skiing and snow boarding for families and people of all ages.  We are funded by membership fees and our annual Swap Shop sale of new and used ski and snow boarding equipment and clothing.  Our club subsidizes ski bus trips for members that have been a fantastic deal.  We also have a number of social events.  They differ from year to year and current events are listed on the calendar and the event info page.  We hold an annual season kick off; the Spaghetti dinner and a season wrap up.  This year we tried a new event for the season wrap up; Build a Burger!  Everyone is kept informed by our website and by the Sitzmarker, our newsletter.  The Rib Mountain Ski Club also supports ski related community events like the Badger State Games and Ski for Youth which has a rich history  in the development of skiing in the Wausau area.  There are also members of our club who are willing to help interested adults learn to ski.  Please see the events page for more info.