Final Event Meeting Notes – 4/10/16

Held at Mt. Olive Church; this was a social gathering as well as a meeting of the entire membership to elect officers.

  • 24 in attendance
  • Rick gave recap of the year
  • Introduction of board members
  • 115 total members
  • 57 new members this year alone
  • 3 trips, the last one was canceled
  • Amy conducted elections for 2016-2017
  • Amy asked for a motion to accept ballot as printed, second and passed.
  • Macia motioned Rene’ for secretary,  Rene’ accepted
  • Door prizes were drawn

Here are the results of the election.

  • Rick Munz, President
  • Amy Christophersen, Vice President
  • Rene’ Munz, Secretary
  • Saleem Surti, Treasurer
  • Sue Mortensen, Board member
  • Brad Mathey, Board member
  • Katie Mathey*, Board member
  • Loyetta Dennis*, Board member
  • Phil Berg*, Board member
  • Ben Zoromski*, Board member
  • Terry Hanson*, Board member

The new board will be meeting some time in May.