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RMSC Board Minutes 10/21/15

ATTENDANCE: Rick and Rene Munz, Andy Schmidt, Saleem Surti, Cathy Matel, Sue Mortensen, Dennis

Holzem, Amy Christophersen, Brad Mathey

MINUTES: Read and approved

FINANCE: checks written to City Pages for ads, Kick Off Dinner, and PayPal. Need

to contact PayPal to change 3.9% to 2.2% for nonprofit club; Cathy agreed to handle.

Membership: 13 families signed up online. After Kick-off dinner we have 23 families. Suggestion for an

e-mail blast and posting on Facebook to sign up to renew membership.

PR: Ads have been in the last few weeks in the city Pages. Check ad in Biz board. Saturday 11/21 the

Grand Theater will be showing a Warren Miller film about skiing. We have permission to have a table.

Workers are needed. We’ll have flyers and membership forms. We also will have a raffle prize (free

trip?); Andy to contact Grand Theater personnel to arrange.

SWAP: Sue S. needs e-mail listings to solicit workers. Andy sent a poster pdf to members to print/post.

DISCUSSION: Membership sign-up after the swap to earn “active” status. To not complicate the

situation Cathy motioned that the new members get a “bye” for the first year. Passed by a simple

majority. Regarding the question of one-time skiers (guest); would be subject to membership fee ($15)

+ (active) member cost ($25) = $40.

WEBSITE/ E-COMMERCE: Cathy M. will be working on a photo album and Facebook integration. All are

welcome to add content; Cathy will provide training if needed.

SWAP: Perry Dau (Nordic club) created a Facebook acct. for “Wausau Ski Swap”. Help is needed at the

swap…..setup/clean-up Fri. night, tear down, prep and security. Peak time is 11:30-1:30. Need

membership table set up.

SKI TRIP COORDINATOR: Dennis will contact the trip “Hosts” as to the procedure they can follow.

Dennis requested…1. Cancel trip if we don’t meet minimums for bus and/or hill. 2. Need to confirm with

Badger Bus one week in advance. Dennis will contact the hosts for a committee meeting to work out

the details. Dennis will sign and submit Badger Bus contract. Dennis was voted in unanimously to fulfill

Trip Coordinator position…he prefers as a non-voting board member.

Next meeting is Nov.16 @State Patrol office at 6:00 pm

Submitted by: Rene’ Munz

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Board Member Job Discriptions


Board members are voted onto the board of directors by the general membership. At the board’s first meeting following the election the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer are voted into their offices while all other board chair positions are appointed or volunteered for by the rest of the elected board.



Vice President



Membership Chair

Ski Swap Coordinator

Technology Chair

Trip Coordinator

Advertising and Club Promotion Chair


President                   (Mandatory)

Presides at all meetings of the club and of the board of directors.  Appoints all committees not otherwise provided for and is an ex-officio member of all committees.  Provides email updates to the club during the season.

Vice President           (Mandatory)

Assumes all duties of the president in the event of the President’s absence.

Secretary                   (Mandatory)

Keeps and preserves the records of all meetings of the club and of the board of directors, and prepares and keeps on file a correct list of the names and address of the members of the board of directors, voting members, and committees.

Treasurer                   (Mandatory)

Keeps the record of all the club’s funds and shall keep an accurate account of receipts, disbursements, and properties; submits a report for each regular meeting of the board of directors, such report in writing; keeps all receipted bills and invoices in an orderly manner on file.  Uses a bookkeeping system as approved by the board of directors.  Submits an annual report at the annual April meeting of the club.

Membership Chair    (Mandatory)

Maintains records of all new and renewed members; collects membership fees to be given to the treasurer; logs and reports additional interests of club members as shown on their membership form; reports current membership at least monthly to the board and to the appropriate chairperson prior to a club event; provides an update for each published Sitzmarker during the season.

Ski Swap Chair or Committee of 2-3          (Mandatory)

Position is busy for about 36 hours, spread out over a three month period.  Coordinates the event but has many assistants.  Responsible for arranging venue, contracts with vendors and scheduling workers for the event.   Works with advertising chair to arrange media coverage. Main contact if event is combined with another club.  Provides information and updates for emails and Website.

Trip Coordinator (Mandatory)

Proposes bus trip schedule of dates and cost estimates to board for approval. Coordinates arrangements with the bus company, ski hill and members for each trip. Keeps informed of membership’s preferences of destinations. Provides information and updates for Sitzmarker and Website.

Technology Chair            (Optional)

Maintains web licensing and updates club website. Works with all officers and chairs to maintain current information published on the website:, and Facebook page.


Advertising and Club Promotion Chair     (Optional)

Seeks ways to advertise our club membership and events across a broad spectrum of free resources. Presents fee advertising proposals to board for approval.




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Ski Trip Rewards Program

In the fall of 2015 the Board of the RMSC unanimously approved the following to reward RMSC members who give their time to the Board of Directors or other RMSC committees, or approved projects. These “Active Members” get the following HUGE benefits:

  1. Ski Trips / Bus Trips at $25.00 per person.
  2. Ski Trip Reward Coupons for use by the entire family.


The Active Member pays for their membership by 12/31/15.


  1. The Active Member must also give / volunteer 5 hours assisting RMSC at the Wausau Ski Swap, contribute to the Board of Directors, actively serve as a committee member or other contribution as soon as possible.  That’s right!  You give 5 hours to get this lower price.  No contribution and no low cost Ski Trip.  Ski trip prices for a standard member is $50.00 per person per ski trip.
  2. Suggestions include service as members of committees such as Ski Swap Joint Committee, Ski Swap Planning, Sitzmacher / Newsletter Committee, Ski Trip / Bus Trip Planning Committee, Membership Growth and Promotions Committee.


Once you have worked your initial five hours, you then are eligible for HUGE additional savings for

Ski Trip Rewards. The details and conditions are below the table.
HOURS # Coupons Total Coupon Value
5 2 Coupons $10
10 4 Coupons $20
15 6 Coupons $30
20 8 Coupons $40

DETAILS and CONDITIONS in use of these coupons:

  1. When you register for a ski trip you MUST: (a) be an Active Member of RMSC, (b) register for the ski trip and (c) pay for the trip before the trip.
  2. The coupons have no cash value and are not redeemable for anything other than RMSC Bus Trips or as allowed.
  3. You can only use this year’s coupons by the end of the Club’s current ski year.  PERIOD!
  4. You can use more than one coupon, but there are no refunds of the value if the coupons submitted exceeds the registration cost of the Bus Trip.
  5. Coupons are non-transferable to anyone other than an immediate family member who is already a club member.
  6. Photocopies of these coupons is prohibited and just outright wrong.
  7. If you fail to renew by December you will NOT be awarded any coupons.
  8. There is no blending of hours to make up a full coupon.  Each person must give 5 hours.
  9. Reward coupons for Ski Swap are only issued by the Ski Swap Coordinator.
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RMSC Board Meeting Notes – 9/16/15


Attending:        Cathy Matel, Susan Schmidt, Andrew Schmidt, Sue Mortensen, Rene Munz,  Rick Munz,  Saleem Surti


  • Saleem covered the report.


  • Has a tutorial site called “sidekick”. Facebook will be linked with our website.  It is a work in progress. Cathy is working out the bugs.


  • Discussion about incentives was tabled for a future meeting. Waiting for Kickoff dinner to give more information to the members.***
  • A motion was passed to advertise in the City Pages. Advertisement will be colored, 1/3 page for 4 weeks.  Will try to have two weeks in the paper for “save the date”.
  • Members will be given a digital copy of flyers for the swap.
  • Suggestion was for members to take a picture of the flyer and post it on their Facebook.  Members can also print the flyer and hang them on bulletin ​boards

Ski trips:       

Will be set up by Dennis H.  He will be calling the bus companies and the hills.  We are going to:

  • Brule
  • Black Jack/ Indianhead
  • Powderhorn
  • Afton Alps

The Grand Theater is showing a Warren Miller movie.  Andy will check to see if we can set up a an info table about the club.

Kickoff Dinner:

  • Post cards were sent out and everything is ready.   We will have elections.
  • Rick asked Dennis to write up the responsibilities of board members, members at large, and committees too.

Motion was passed to offer “one” free ski trip to officers and board members.

Sue Mortensen will have the Sitz sent out this weekend.

Next meeting Oct.21, 2015 (Wed.) at the State Patrol.

***Correction to the Swap, concerning incentives:

Rick asked Susan to create a formula of a certain number of hours worked to equal a certain dollar amount off a trip.   Basing 2015’s formula on that from 2014, the incentive plan works this way:

  • For every five hours worked, you will earn two $5.00 certificates to offset ski trip costs
  • Earn up to eight $5.00 certificates
  • Certificates can be used by anyone in the immediate family
  • Clean Up on Saturday — Double certificates: earn an additional two $5.00 certificates if you help with clean up on Saturday, between 2:00 – 7:00pm.   This is on top of the hours you are already working.  You must work from 2:00 – 7:00pm to earn this incentive.
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Prez message – 2015 pre-season

Dear fellow Rib Mountain Ski Club members,
The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, reminding us once again why we live in Wisconsin:  SNOW and its related fun activities such as alpine skiing and snowboarding.  It seems every year the summers go by faster.  Thank goodness we have our winter activities to keep us fit and busy!

Your ski club is eager to commence another season but is in need of leadership.  During this past spring election we failed to elect a new president, vice president and secretary.  We are very fortunate that Saleem Surti has agreed to continue as our Treasurer this season.  In the interim, I have agreed to be our club’s president and Rene’ has graciously agreed to serve as secretary.  While this still leaves the vice president’s office vacant, in the interim the board has agreed to continue to operate without.  Sue Mortensen, Cathy Matel and the Schmidts (Andrew & Sue) have stepped up to lead our membership, web site/ecommerce and swap coordinator activities, respectively.  Dennis Holzem is our club historian.  We have no trip coordinator at this time.  All of those mentioned have served in some official capacity over the years, most for many years in a row.  This should not be.  Rib Mountain Ski Club desperately needs your engagement and support in a variety of ways…not limited only to accompanying us on the bus trips.

We will hold formal elections for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer during our annual kick-off meeting/dinner on Sunday, October 4, 5:00 at Sconni’s in Schofield.  Cost will be $8.00/person (6 years and older); children 5 and under free.    Nominations will be accepted prior to, and during the meeting.  Please mark your calendars and plan to renew your membership.  For the 2015-2016 season, membership dues will remain the same as last year:  $15 single, $30 family.

Ski trip dates and costs have been finalized for the season.  We have not determined which hills we plan to visit yet.  Save the following dates (all Saturdays):
January 9
January 30
February 20
March 12
Trip cost for active RMSC members will be $25/person for the 2015-2016 season, which includes bus trip, lift ticket and snack.  Please note that lunch will not be provided by the club this year, as this adds a lot of cost and compounds the trip coordinator’s responsibility.  Please plan to attend the kick-off meeting on October 4 to find out what “active member” means.

Cathy Matel has worked tirelessly to improve our web presence, including development of a more user-friendly ecommerce portal as we have now cancelled our subscription with Sport NGIN.  Please visit and give us your feedback.  We still have a lot of content to load, and plan to have even more capability soon.  As members, you’ll have the choice of registering and paying for membership and trips via “snail mail” or “email”.

Finally, helpers will be required to support the annual ski swap to be held on Friday evening and Saturday, November 6-7.  Mark your calendars now.  Andrew and Sue Schmidt have already begun planning this critical event…our only fund raiser which allows us to offer our members the best value in downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Rick Munz, Interim President
Rib Mountain Ski Club

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How to make a great day better!

By Andrew Schmidt

My son, Alex Schmidt, is home from college for a few weeks before he starts in on next semester’s grind.  He has worked hard.

What he really likes is to ski, especially downhill skiing.  His skiing confidence soared under Wausau East’s Coach Tobin and 4 trips to State.  I guess skiing to Alex is like saying ‘squirrel’ to a cooped-up dog. He feels, “so what if the conditions are mediocre, it’s the skiing that matters.”  I feel the same about skiing – not so much about the squirrels.

So the day after Christmas he and I went north to Blackjack Ski Resort located between Bessemer and Wakefield, Michigan, on US 2, in the U.P.  We kept records of the costs of the trip too in order to compare them for another purpose.  The day was cloudy and it had snowed 3+ inches Christmas night.  NICE!  I had a great time with my son and I am almost as rabid about skiing as my son – so we had a great day.

So fortunately my Ford F-150 allows me to reset times, miles, gas consumed and miles per gallon.  Here are the automotive numbers: fuel, 12.5 gallons; miles, 241 round trip; in car driving time, 4hrs 44 min; and MPG, 19.1; or at $2.44 per gallon, $30.50 for gas.

Other expenses: tickets, $51.00 each, times 2 adults, $102.00; lunch, $15.69 (burger baskets); soda and snack on way home, $4.00; all totaled, $122.00.  Add in the gas of $30.50 and I have spent $152.50 for the 2 of us.

So why write the article?  The Rib Mountain Ski Club here in Wausau, of which I am a member, will be going to FOUR different ski hills these next three months for far less per person that the $75+ per person I spent going to Black Jack.  Members of Rib Mountain Ski Club in the past have visited Cascade Mountain, Black Jack Ski Resort, Big Powderhorn, Ski Whitecap, Porcupine Mountain, Indianhead Mountain, Brule Ski Resort to name a few places we have been to.

The reason to write this article is to let you know that for $25 per person you too can go on one or all of these ski trips.  That is right! $25!  You get motor-coach bus transportation, ski tickets and snack on the way home.

But first you must be a member, $15 for a single person and $30 for an immediate family.  Once a member you are eligible for these reduced price ski trips and ski swap benefits.

$25;  That’s it. For a full day of fun – how can you go wrong?  The Rib Mountain Ski Club has been around for nearly 70 years offering a variety or programming for its members.  You have seen our ski swaps and you have seen us on TV.  Now join us!

Why stay at home? Get out and chase those ‘squirrels’. Get some fresh air, meet new friends and have some real fun.

Andrew Schmidt, RMSC

Please contact us with any questions


RMSC Board meeting notes – 8/6/2015

Present:   Rick Munz, Sue Mortensen, Sue Schmidt, Cathy Matel, Saleem Surti, Rene’ Munz, Andy Schmidt


Motion passed to appoint members present as board of director members for RMSC.

Wausau Ski Swap (RMSC + Nordic Club) held first meeting on Sunday, August 2.  Andy & Sue, as swap coordinators, are free to make all necessary arrangement details, excluding expenditures from club’s treasury.  Swap will be held Friday & Saturday, November 6-7 at the Youth Building at Marathon Park, as in the past.  Wausau Ski Swap has a Facebook page.

Ski trip dates:  January 9, January 30, February 20 and March 12, 2016.

Snow Shoe event at Tic Acres is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 6, 2016.

Badger State (Alpine) event is January 23, 2016.

Ski for Youth:  Sundays in December, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20.

Kick off dinner:  Sunday, October 4 (need chairperson for event).  Formal officer elections to be conducted.  Will solicit member opinion during kick-off dinner which ski hills to go to this season.

Sue Mortensen or Cathy Matel to update web site with “save the dates” for above.

Motion passed to reduce member bus trip cost to $25, which includes transportation, lift ticket and snack on the way home.  Members are on their own for lunch.

Discussion regarding service to club, specifically board members and chairpersons, and compensation in the form of free trips.  Issue will be discussed at further length during upcoming board meeting.  Generally, it is in the best interests of the club and individuals to discourage any form of compensation or discounts beyond that approved for members’ assistance during the swap event.

Cathy has web site up and running, and encouraging all board members to “play with it” as well as getting trained to become administrators with access to edit content.  Site will coordinate with Paypal for members wishing to register and pay on line.  Dennis Holzem is planning to add content on the history of the club.

Encouraging mailing Sitzmarker and post cards to remind members of upcoming events.  Continue to promote RMSC via City Pages (free) ads.

Treasurer’s report:  No significant transactional activity.

Board meetings to be held on the 3rd Wednesdays of each month, at 6:00, at the State Patrol Office.  Rene’ to contact them to reserve a room.  Next meeting September 16.

RMSC historic logo

About the Rib Mountain Ski Club

The Rib Mountain Ski Club is the original historic ski club in the Wausau, WI area.  The club was founded in 1927.  Our club is made up of singles and families from several communities that have come together as a club to promote skiing and snow boarding for families and people of all ages.  We are funded by membership fees and our annual Swap Shop sale of new and used ski and snow boarding equipment and clothing.  Our club subsidizes ski bus trips for members that have been a fantastic deal.  We also have a number of social events.  They differ from year to year and current events are listed on the calendar and the event info page.  We hold an annual season kick off; the Spaghetti dinner and a season wrap up.  This year we tried a new event for the season wrap up; Build a Burger!  Everyone is kept informed by our website and by the Sitzmarker, our newsletter.  The Rib Mountain Ski Club also supports ski related community events like the Badger State Games and Ski for Youth which has a rich history  in the development of skiing in the Wausau area.  There are also members of our club who are willing to help interested adults learn to ski.  Please see the events page for more info.