Presidents Message – 10/22/16

Your Rib Mountain Ski Club is winding up for another fun-filled snow season.  As we prepare for our annual SKI SWAP on Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, it seems only yesterday when we were on the slopes of Brule, Blackjack and Powderhorn enjoying one anothers company and the joy of skiing and snowboarding.

This will be one of only a couple of “Sitzmarker” newsletters this year, as more and more of us transition from paper to cyberspace.  In order to stay informed, please consider bookmarking in your browser, stay engaged with other members (working at the swap is a great way to do this) and watch your mail for postcard reminders of upcoming events.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, too, as that is a great way to network and promote the club to the public.

Thirty four members recently attended our annual season kick-off dinner held at Wausau Homes Scout Center, McCormick Lodge.  It was great seeing many of you again, to renew friendships and discuss our winter plans.  The food and prizes were terrific and plentiful.  Numerous prize winners ended up with a “bonus” piece of chicken!  Many of you signed up to help with our annual swap…much appreciated.  We need everyone’s involvement to make this year’s swap a success.

Mark your calendars for the following dates:

Our current plan is to visit three familiar hills this year, and introduce the club to one new hill.

Over the past couple of ski seasons we introduced the concept of “Active” and “Rostered” membership.  While the membership dues are the same ($15 single, $30 family), our active members…those who volunteer time and effort toward making RMSC a great club…enjoy a substantial discount on trip fees.  We understand that some have more restrictions on their time and cannot contribute in a volunteer capacity, and offer our rostered members a lower discount on trip fees.  Whichever you choose, our bus trip costs for the four annual ski trips offer a significant value.  As a way of helping our new members “fit in” during their first year, they are registered as an active member.  In order to maintain active member status, we request that each adult and junior member contribute at least five hours toward the betterment of the club.  While the swap is a great way to contribute, there are many other ways, including serving on our board, coordinating social activities, helping with our web site, and volunteering at various local events (Warren Miller, Ski for Youth, Badger State Games, etc.).  Whatever you decide to do, know that your club appreciates your efforts.

Keep your ski tips up!
Rick Munz, President