RMSC Board Meeting – 12/15/15

RMSC Meeting 12/15/15

ATTENDANCE: Brad, Amy, Saleem, Sue S, Sue M, Andy, Rick, Rene’

MINUTES: November minutes were approved

FINANCE: Saleem has not gotten final  numbers yet for the ski swap.  Working with Steve Heller the totals were about $240 off.

Total sales of swap were down from last year.


Finance report approved.

SWAP:  Andy had some ideas that Rick suggested we table the discussion for a later date. (sharing charge card fees, upping vendor %. )

MEMBERSHIP: 108 indiv.

43 fam.

49 individual….43 new, 6 renew

E-WEB: Cathy received a letter back from Paypal about lowering the percentage.  We can but we would have to fill out a 20 page application with the IRS.  Percentage will stay the same.

OLD BUSINESS: Transferring of our storage unit went well.

Next meeting will be at Sconni’s on January 20, 2016.

Submitted: Rene’ Munz