RMSC Board Meeting – January 20, 2016

This meeting was held at sconni’s

ATTENDANCE: Saleem, Cathy, Sue M, Dennis, Rick, Rene’, Sue, Andy

MINUTES:  December minutes approved

TREASURE: Saleem received the final numbers for the swap. A family bought a pair of boots that was two different sizes.  Saleem wrote out a check and gave them back the $30. Sue M. handed Saleem 3 checks to be deposited.

MEMBERSHIP: 107 persons, 26 families, 19 singles. Sue M. requested that all members who have emails to provide them.

WEB/E-COMMERCE: Cathy is working on a photo gallery on the website. Rick had found a broken link in registration and it was repaired.

SITZMARKER: With Sue M. doing the newsletter, she would like articles to be sent to her by the 15th. Dennis will also be sending out reminders for trips and events.  The Sitzmarker is posted on the web and Facebook.  Sue would like a volunteer to take over the newsletter.

OLD BUSINESS: Dennis made a suggestion for the swap to have boots and skis at a  minimum price.  This could be done while the consigners in line.  This could make the process faster. Also, we decided to keep lines separate; Alpine and Nordic.

NEW BUSINESS: Starting to think about the year-end party.  Hoping to get a volunteer for the event.  Date is tentative for April 10th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Next meeting at State Patrol February 17th, 6:00pm